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Teresa Malarkey  
Owner, Trainer and Founder
Teresa is a native Oregonian.
Teresa grew up in Portland, and now lives in Scappoose with her family of  horses, dogs, cats and birds

In 1993, She began fulfilling her dream to become a professional dog trainer, by completing  and passing her  national boards to become a board certified Veterinary Technician.  To complete her dream, Teresa enrolled in Animal Behavior College's Dog Obedience Training Program and graduated, then followed up with Karen Pryor Academy for Clicker Trainers.  She is fully ceretified to train dogs in all phases of training, including Basic and Advanced Obedience, Problem Area Training, and Owner Dog Mastery.

Teresa Studied with Service Dogs Inc in Texas, learning additional training skills to train service dogs. 

In 2010 Teresa fulfilled her dream by establishing Work’n Pawz Dog Training LLC in Scappoose Oregon 

In 2010 Teresa was selected to become a Mentor Trainer for Animal Behavior College (ABC) for the greater North Portland and Columbia County area.  To date she has mentored more than 15 ABC students with great success, two are currently being mentored and others have gone on to be successful trainers themselves.  It is not uncommon to see ABC students in her group classes. .

Teresa believes many problem behaviors of dogs doing wrong and continually told being''NO'' because the dog doesn't know what TO do.  ''It is important to show the dogs what to do, what you want and what is expected of the pup.  If your dog is chewing on a shoe, pick up the shoes...give them one of their own toys, reward for chewing on their own toy''. Teresa uses positive reinforcement training methods, providing guidelines and structure to the dog’s lives. Letting the dog know what is an appropriate behavior, concentrating on the good not the bad.  Thus, the undesirable behavior eventually extinguishes. 


Teresa may be reached by phone or text : 503-939-1283 

Or by email:


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